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-- Copyright ----------------------------------------------------------- Copyright (C) 2011-2012 by Mickaël 'Tiger-222' Schoentgen. Cracker-ng comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. See the GNU General Public Licence for details. -- What ---------------------------------------------------------------- Cracker-ng, a multiple file cracker. For now, there are these modules: zip cracker (zip, apm, ipa), ccrypt cracker (cpt) What this tool does _not_: 1. call a tierce tool like unrar or unzip to check the password 2. compute permutations or create wordlists (will change) What this tool does: 1. understand the data format (see modules/*) 2. check the password using the way official tool does 3. eventually use optimized routines 4. read passwords from STDIN: 1. john, crunch or whatever you want for bruteforce attacks 2. cat (or whatever you want) for wordlist attack -- Man ----------------------------------------------------------------- Usage: <module>cracker-ng <file> Examples with ZIP module: * wordlist attack: cat wordlist.lst | zipcracker-ng file[.zip] * bruteforce attack: john --incremental --stdout | zipcracker-ng file[.zip] crunch 1 8 -f charset.lst lalpha | zipcracker-ng file[.zip] -- Why ----------------------------------------------------------------- I wrote this tool when I saw poor resources we have on *unix for ZIP and RAR files password cracking. Hope it will be helpful. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Do not hesitate to contact me at <tiger-222@matriux.com> for critics, suggestions, contributions (or whatever you want!).
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