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CONIO for Linux 0.1.0 Welcome, This is an implmentation of the Borland's conio.h library in GNU/Linux using ncurses. The current conio.h support is partial; This library provides: getch() getche() gotoxy() wherex() wherey() clrscr() delline() textcolor() textbackground() kbhit() cprintf() ************************************* INSTALLATION: ************************************* run the following commands: $ ./configure $ make $ sudo make install ************************************* USAGE: ************************************* to compile foo.c using conio, use: $ gcc -o foo foo.c -lconio -lcurses if you use an IDE (such as Code::Blocks) do not forget to link the libraries: conio curses ************************************* REPORTING BUGS: ************************************* to report bugs email us: nowres.rafed@gmail.com
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