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/******************************************************************************* * Copyright (c) 2012 Engenios Imagina Soluciones S.L. * All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials * are made available under the terms of the GNU Public License v3.0 * which accompanies this distribution, and is available at * http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html * * Contributors: * Engenios Imagina Soluciones S.L - initial API and implementation ******************************************************************************/ CONFLICTS project ----------------- The CONFLICTS project's goal is the creation of an Automatic Solver for Railways-related conflicts, with the aim of making a prototype for solving automatically railways-related conflicts. The tool is focused on solving conflicts appeared in real-time. The tool can help the railway operator in deciding what action has to be taken in order to minimize the impact of the chosen solution. Due to the complexity of the problem (NP hard complex problem type), the key point is how to apply the best prune strategy in order to decrease the size of the search space to explore, without loosing potential optimal solutions in doing so. One of the major constraints that the tool has to be complaint with is the response time in which the tool has to offer to the operator the best solution found. Several algorithms will be implemented and can be configured into the tool. The first release of the project (release-0.1) is a proof-of-concept, focused on the feasibility of solving the presented problem. The application reads from configuration several sets of trains and tries to get the best solution avoiding all the existing conflicts among these trains. The user can play with the application modifying the configuration file for including new sets of trains. By now, the Graphical Interface is very limited and only appears at the end of the search process to show the best solution found by the application and also to show the search tree that the search algorithm has built. LAUNCHING THE APPLICATION ------------------------- To launch the application, execute the file 'conflicts.bat'. CONFIGURING THE APPLICATION --------------------------- To configure the application and plays with other sets of trains, modify the file 'cfg/conflicts.properties'. Specifically, the section to modify is the following: #TrainProviderGenerator implementation configuration The following lines configure a train set called 'X': # train set X es.engenios.conflicts.train.provider.generator.trainset.X.numberOfTrains=3 es.engenios.conflicts.train.provider.generator.trainset.X.initialStation=A es.engenios.conflicts.train.provider.generator.trainset.X.finalStation=L es.engenios.conflicts.train.provider.generator.trainset.X.direction=IMPAR #tiempo mínimo y máxima que puede tener una parada es.engenios.conflicts.train.provider.generator.trainset.X.minStopTime=2 es.engenios.conflicts.train.provider.generator.trainset.X.maxStopTime=2 #pendiente que tiene el trayecto es.engenios.conflicts.train.provider.generator.trainset.X.slope=30 es.engenios.conflicts.train.provider.generator.trainset.X.distance=30 The following line must include the new train set 'X' es.engenios.conflicts.train.provider.generator.trainSets=0,1,2,X LOGGING ------- To see the logging information generated by the application, oepn the file 'tmp/logs/conflicts.log' For further information ----------------------- The website of the project is on: https://sourceforge.net/projects/conflicts/ Contact person: theshadu@gmail.com
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