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WAV Audio Compressor - 2005-2013 - Beta 0.20 release Package with Windows native build + Update of this README file - January 2013 http://sourceforge.net/projects/compressor/ WAV Audio Compressor can be used for several purposes: Giving a particular audio effect to the song or track, compensating drop outs in a recording, preparing the track for broadcast, applying a variable normalization if the recording features parts at a too low sound level. This audio utility aim to be simple to use and easy to install. For accurate details and examples about my audio tools and about LoopyMix Suite please visit: http://vincent95.users.sourceforge.net/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: ------------ Just copy COMPRESS.EXE into the planned working directory (with your audio files), or in C:\WINDOWS to access it from everywhere. More advanced possible option: ----------------------------- You can also set a path to the folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Compressor\) where you chose to install this utility. To add a path in Windows XP: Conf. Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment variables -> Value "Path" (but do not remove already existing entries!) Source Code: ------------ The source code is not needed for users, but provided according to Open Source GPL license. Its use is intended for developpers and advanced users which might have to rebuild the application for any other OS. The folder "src" contains the source project (CodeBlocks IDE project). Testing and using: ----------------- To make a try with a WAV file, named for example "filename.wav", type from the console: "compress filename.wav" This will start compression with default settings (displayed on start, as well as their allowed ranges). These parameters can be modified if specified from the command line: > compress filename.wav <maxgain> <recoverspeed> <feedbackspeed> In all cases the result will be automatically saved as "Cfilename.wav". Example for <maxgain> = 30, <recoverspeed> = 8 and <feedbackspeed> = 2 : > compress filename.wav 30 8 2 Processing MP3 files: -------------------- If using FFMPEG (find it at: http://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/win32/static/ ), you can use the attached BAT script example ALLMP3CMP to compress all mp3 files present in the current directory. This example allows you to write other similar scripts for various purposes and to process various multimedia files. Note about the WAV input format: -------------------------------- The expected input format is 44.1Kspl/s 16-bit stereo. The following FFMPEG call converts any multimedia file to this appropriate format: > FFMPEG -i <input_file_name> -f wav -ar 44100 -ac 2 output_file.wav If a WAV file is already available but not in this format, and if you don't want to use FFMPEG, then you can resample the file by using one of these other utilities: * NorQualizer ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/norqualizer/files/ ) can resample WAV files while applying by the way a smart self-adjusted equalization to musical tracks, so that they all sound the same way (bass/trebble balance). This can be useful before audio compression. * Chiah audio tool ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/chiah/files/chiah_2.1.6_build_0040.zip/download ) can be used for resampling WAV files before using the compressor. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- vincentportet_95@hotmail.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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