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codesnip-exe-3.8.6.zip 2010-12-06 1.6 MB 11 weekly downloads
================================================================================ Current CodeSnip Release Files on SourceForge. ================================================================================ This directory contains archive files relating to a particular release of CodeSnip. Files are named in the following manner: codesnip-XXX-9.9.9.YYY where * XXX is either "exe" or "src". - "exe" files contain the executable setup program for this version of CodeSnip along with a read-me file. - "src" files contain the source code of this version of CodeSnip. * 9.9.9 is the version number of the release. * YYY denotes the type of the archive - either .zip or .tar.gz. All files are available in both arthcive formats. If you are intending to install CodeSnip please use the latest available version. ================================================================================
Source: ReadMe.txt, updated 2010-12-17