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Cmajor 0.4.0 Release Notes ========================== o Implemented 'concepts' for Cmajor. Concepts: - produce better error messages for template instantiation failures - enable separate type checking of templates using 'archetype' classes built from concepts - enable concept-based overloading of functions to select the most efficient implementation of an algorithm at compile time - are now applied throughout the Cmajor System Library o Implemented various algorithms based on algorithms found in C++ Standard Template Library - Sort() and InsertionSort() - Distance() and Next() - UpperBound() and EqualRange() - Count() - ForEach() - Transform() - Equal() and LexicographicalCompare() - MinElement() and MaxElement() - Gcd() o Added function objects Plus, Negate, Minus, Multiplies, Divides and Remainder, and IdentityElement() functions. o Added BackInsertIterator, FrontInsertIterator and InsertIterator and corresponding functions BackInserter(), FrontInserter() and Inserter() that work with List, LinkedList (and any InsertableForwardContainer) using Copy(). o Fixed: - List.Insert() was not working correctly when list happened to grow - HashMap.operator[]() did not compile Cmajor 0.4.0 files ================== o cmajor-0.4.0-win-x64-setup.exe Setup for 64-bit Windows o cmajor-0.4.0-win-x86-setup.exe Setup for 32-bit Windows o cmajor-0.4.0-src.zip zipped source code o cmajor-0.4.0-src.tar.gz gzipped source code o GettingStarted-1.1.pdf Installation instructions o Specification-1.1.pdf Language Specification o System-1.1.pdf System Library Reference o Tutorial-1.1.pdf Language Tutorial
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