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Alright... using CloneZilla was one of the biggest decisions of my life and yes, CloneZilla did convinced me to do that. I am from IT background, particularly software... but i do have a little bit of interest in hardware too. So, i have a laptop around 3 years old and wanted to replace my harddrive with a new one. The plan was to replace my existing working Toshiba 500GB harddrive with a new WD 500GB harddrive... CloneZilla did the Job Amazingly and i has almost no issues with anything at all. I love CloneZIlla and would recommend it to anyone who is trying to Clone either a Windows or Ubuntu(linux) hard drive as it works perfectly with them. Please note that it works with other system too... but i have only tested it on these two for now.


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NIC card no longer works. Booting from image, all goes accordingly till system reboot and the legacy os loads (windows). Reinstalled NIC, troubleshooting event logs (shouldn't matter when OS powered down) but I recalled an operation during the cloning process telling me it's notifying/triggering an event within the powered down Windows OS, i figured something might have been corrupted in the registry. I was right but decided it's more work repairing the registry vs doing a fresh reformat of my OS. Thanks for wasting 2 hours of my LIFE!! If this is true, why in the world do you need to trigger ANY events to a user machine offline OS instance if the cloning operation occurs between two independent disk? I understand the latter if mounting the directory to an active volume/disk shared with Windows but in cases like mine (cloning external-to-external HDD), this should run independently. ie. build files/cache in ram disk, and do whatever it is you linux guys do to ensure ZERO impact to users data outside the scope of the source/destination disk. Either way, I just want to share this is a poorly written application from my perspective. You should be more forthcoming about any procedural ramifications to a users data before someone approves a batch process of linux commands to jack up their data and OS. Maybe i'm way off and missed something, but if im not, shame on you jerks.... Either way, your UI is not intuitive. I own Acronis and paid for it but was hoping this had more functionality. Well it does and them some... Including the above.. Thanks again