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Version v2015-04-18 ======================================================= Changes: - added support for Samsung J-Series DVB-C and DVB-S channel lists (analog channels and DVB-T are not supported yet) The complete change log can be found at the end of this document About ChanSort ============================================================ ChanSort is a program to manage your Samsung, LG, Toshiba or Panasonic TV's channel list on your PC. It allows you to change program numbers and channel names, select your favorites, set a parental lock and much more. With its multi-selection capabilities and the side-by-side view of your sorted list and the available channels a list can be created in no-time. You can apply reference lists to your TV data file to restore a previous order, e.g. after running a channel scan. You can even apply the same reference list to TVs from different manufacturers. You can get get the latest version and support on http://sourceforge.net/p/chansort/discussion/ or by contacting me by email: mailto:horst@beham.biz ! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK ! ------------------------ This software was written without access to official documentation about the file formats involved. Without full knowledge about the specifics of a format there is a chance of unwanted side-effects or damage to your TV. Supported TV models ======================================================= Samsung ------- Series: B (2009)*, B (2013), C, D, E, F, H Lists: Air analog, Air digital, Cable analog, Cable digital, Cable Prime, Sat digital, Astra HD+, Freesat, TivuSat, Canal Digital Sat, Digital+, Cyfra+ * NOTE: The "clone.bin" format is not supported. In the "*.scm" format the "Air Analog"-list of the 2009 B-series doesn't support all editing features due to a lack of test files. If you have such a file, please send it to me. Instructions for transferring the channel list can be found on: http://www.ullrich.es/job/sendersortierung/senderlisten-samsung-tv-exportieren-importieren/ LG ------ Series: CS, DM, LA, LB, LD, LE, LH, LK, LM*, LN, LP**, LS, LT, LV, LW, LX, PM, PN, PT Lists: Analog TV, DTV (DVB-C, DVB-T), Radio (DVB-C/T), Sat-DTV (DVB-S2), Sat-Radio (DVB-S2) * NOTE: See system requirements for LM-series. Model xxLM640T is not supported due to its broken firmware. **: Only satellite channels supported Other models might also work, but have not been tested. If you have a .TLL file of a series not listed here, please send it to me. Instructions on how to access the hidden service-menu for transferring the channel list from/to USB can be found here: http://sourceforge.net/p/chansort/wiki/Home/ Panasonic ------- Viera models with an svl.bin or svl.db channel list (most/all? models since 2011) Toshiba ------- Models that export a .zip file containing chmgt.db, dvbSysData.db and dvbMainData.db files. (e.g. RL, SL, TL, UL, VL, WL, XL, YL models of series 8xx/9xx) VDR (Linux Video Disk Recorder) ------- Supports the channels.conf file format. Implementation for this was provided by TCr82 from the VDR project. System requirements ======================================================= - Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (Full): included in Win8, can be installed manually on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3 http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851 - Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) Required to edit Panasonic and Toshiba channel lists (through SQLite) http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8328 - USB-stick to transfer the channel list between your TV and PC (for Panasonic an SD-Card is needed instead of a USB-stick) - For some LG series/models the included remote control is not able to open the service menus for transferring the lists to/from USB. In that case you either need a different LG or a programmable remote. (e.g. Logitech Harmony 300, One-For-All URC3920,...) Details can be found on the ChanSort wiki and on http://openlgtv.org.ru/wiki/index.php/Access_hidden_service_menus_/_modes License =============================================================== GNU General Public Licence, Version 3: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html Source code available on http://sourceforge.net/projects/chansort/ THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE. Change log ================================================================ 2015-04-18 - added support for Samsung J-Series DVB-C and DVB-S channel lists (analog channels and DVB-T are not supported yet) 2015-04-17 - added experimental support for Samsung J-Series DVB-C channel lists (analog channels, DVB-T and DVB-S are not supported yet) 2015-01-14 - added support for LG xx*.xml file names used by some hospitality TVs - fixed handling of multiple satellites with LG's GlobalClone format - setting the locked/skipped/hidden/deleted flags in LG GlobalClone files - updated information text about required firmware update for LG webOS TVs - show help text when a Samsung SCM file contains only bytes with value 0 2014-12-21 - added support for Panasonic SAT>IP channel lists - enforce sequential program numbers for Pansonic lists (TV does not work properly with gaps between the numbers) - show warning for LG LB webOS TV channel lists, that due to firmware issues any imported list (modified or not) may be unstable 2014-11-04 - fixed handling of favorites for Samsung F and H series - fixed deleting of channels for older LG models (LD,LE,LH) 2014-11-02 - fixed reading Samsung channel lists containing empty satellite records - disabled individual sorting of favorite lists for Samsung F and H series. It appears that only the E series firmware supports this feature. - disabled deleting of channels from LG's GlobalClone channel lists because the TV does not support this. Instead they are appended at the end of the list. - added support for Samsung "map-AirCableMixedA" and "map-AirCableMixedD" channel lists (used by some hospitality TVs) - disabled editing of channel names for Panasonic lists to prevent side effects after saving (e.g. incorrect alphabetical sorting shown on TV) 2014-09-11 - fixed support for LG LV/LW DVB-C/T channel lists - added support for Samsung map-CyfraPlusD channel list - added Russian translation (thanks to some anonymous developer!) 2014-07-14 - fixed issue with broken channel lists for LG models LV, LW (except LW4500, LW5400), LK950S and PM670S - added support for LG's LY series binary TLL file format 2014-07-11 - improved accessibility support (channel list and prog/fav list selection) 2014-07-08 - added Accessibility menu and hotkeys to directly select the input source (Alt+1 to Alt+9) and the program/favorite lists (Ctrl+Alt+0, ...) - addes support for LG LH250C 2014-06-10 - fixed problem with incorrect favorites when applying a reference list - added function "Edit / Renumber Favorites by Pr#" to use the same numbers in all lists 2014-06-08.3 - fixed problem with Toshiba lists that refer to invalid satellites 2014-06-08.2 - added support for LG xxLB580V analog and DVB-C/T channel lists 2014-06-08 - fixed loading of Panasonic svl.db / svl.bin files 2014-05-30 - fixed issues with LG "GlobalClone" XML file format 2014-05-29 - supports LG LB55xx and LB56xx xxLB*.TLL channel lists - supports LG LB58xx*.TLL channel lists (satellite channels ONLY due to lack of DVB-C/T test files) - supports LG *Clone*.TLL channel lists (e.g. LA8xxx, LB6xxx, LB7xxx models) (deleting channels is not yet implemented) 2014-05-06 - Added support for Canal+ Digital channel list (map-DigitalPlusD) - Fixed: "Save reference file" ignored the entered filename for .csv lists - Improved file format detection for Freesat, Tivusat, Canal Digital Sat 2014-05-05 - Added support for VDR *.conf channel list format (Thanks to TCr82 for providing this code patch!) 2014-01-27 - Added support for Samsung "Channel Digital Sat" channel lists 2014-01-21 - show channel "Provider" information for Samsung C,D and E series DVB-C/T and Satellite channel lists (no data available for Astra HD+) 2013-12-22 - Analog channel names loaded from a reference file (.csv, .csm, .tll, ...) are now copied into and saved with the current TV data file . 2013-12-20 - fixed incorrect disabling of "move channel up" button/menu item 2013-12-19 - Support for Samsung Tivusat channel list 2013-12-15 - Support for new channel list file format introduced by LG's firmware 04.20.29 for LA- and LN-series - LG DVB-C/T channel numbers are now marked as "moved" so that the TV does not change them automatically 2013-11-24 - Load and repair corrupted Panasonic and Toshiba SQLite channel lists 2013-11-23 - Channel lists can now be printed - Fix: Error when saving Toshiba and Panasonic channel list which contained red proxy entries for missing channels after applying a reference list - Fix: Modified Panasonic channel names were not written to the file 2013-11-20 - Panasonic: Handling of special characters in channel names - Toshiba: channels didn't change their order for zapping in .zip/chmgt.db channel lists (thanks to Kurt W. for the hint) 2013-11-16 - FIX: changes to Samsung channel lists after the first "save file" operation were lost. Only the first save operation worked as expected. - FIX: channels in Samsung B-series DVB-C/T channel lists were incorrectly identified and marked as deleted/active, resulting in duplicate program numbers on the TV. - FIX: channel names in Samsung lists sometimes showed "..." after the end - FIX: dragging something (e.g. a file) from outside ChanSort over one of its tables causes an error 2013-11-12 (beta) - Experimental support for modifying LG channel lists with predefined channel numbers (LCN) - Backed-out some changes from 2013-11-09 which may have caused incorrect handling of deleted channels in Samsung channel lists 2013-11-09 - File / "File information" now shows information for all TV models - Disabled "TV-Set" menu items which are not applicable - Fixed DVB-S transponder/frequency information for LG LN and LA61xx series - Fixed deleting channels in Samsung B-series Digital Air/Cable lists - Fixed encryption information in Samsung B-series Digital Air/Cable lists - Fixed loading of reference lists with non-unique channel identifiers - Fixed error when saving LG files for models LD-LK after applying a reference list which contains channels not present in the TLL file 2013-10-23 - Support for Samsung's Monitor/TV 3-series (LTxxy3) 2013-10-22 - Support for Samsung's 2013 B-Series 2013-10-07 - Added support for Samsung "FreesatD" channel lists - Added support for LG LP-series sat channel lists (DVB-C/T not supported) - Added columns for "skip" and "hide" channel flags to left list - skipped/hidden channels are now display with blue/light grey color - LG hotel-mode/DTV-update settings editable for all supported LG models 2013-09-15 - Added support for LG PN-series satellite channel lists - Fixed: use last selected character set when loading LG channel lists - Fixed missing translations 2013-08-21 - Added support for LG PN-series (tested with PN6500) 2013-08-19 - Fixed loading Samsung B-series channel lists - Changed file filter for LG to "xx*.TLL" to exclude the GlobalClone*.TLL files of LA and LN series. - Fixed "New version available" info screen - Improved error handling 2013-07-23 - Added support for LG LT-series (tested with xxLT380H) 2013-07-22 - Display message box to install VC++ 2010 Redist Package (x86) when it is missing (required by SQLite to load Panasonic and Toshiba lists) - FIX: added missing files for Portuguese translation 2013-07-19.3 - FIX: .NET Framework 4.0 exceptions about loading DLLs downloaded from the web (since the whole .zip was downloaded from the web) 2013-07-19.2 - FIX: Samsung "CablePrime" channel list was not updated/saved - FIX: Deleted Samsung analog, DVB-T and DVB-C channels re-appeared in the channel list after loading the file again. 2013-07-19 - Supports Panasonic "svl.bin" channel lists for different TV CPUs (auto-detecting big-endian or little-endian byte order). - *.csv reference list is no longer created automatically. (You can always use your TV data file as a reference list anyway) - File / Save reference list... now opens a dialog which allows to save in either ChanSort *.csv or SamToolBox *.chl format. (The *.chl format only contains the currently selected list, so it can be used to duplicate the order from e.g. the "Astra HD+" to the "Satellite" list within the same *.scm file) - Upgraded to .NET Framework 4.0 and DevExpress 13.1 libraries 2013-07-03 - Support for individually sorted favorite lists, if supported by TV (e.g. Samsung E and F series, Panasonic Viera) - FIX: "insert after" using drag and drop from right to left list inserted before instead of after the drop position 2013-07-02 - FIX: wrong version number (caused a popup about a newer version online) 2013-07-01 - Added support for Panasonic channel list (svl.db and svl.bin format) - Translated UI to Portuguese (Thanks to Vitor Martins Augusto) 2013-06-24 - FIX: Resizing a column caused an exception - FIX: Deleting satellite channels from an SCM file did not work correctly - Improved SCM file format detection - Samsung E/F-series: channels in the favorite lists now use their prog# instead of all being put at #1 (in a future version the fav lists may be sorted separately) 2013-06-23 - Drag&Drop inside left list and from right to left list (only available when the left list is sorted by "New Pr#") - Simplified menu/tool bar - FIX: Moving multiple channels down now works correctly - FIX: +/- keys no longer open the cell-editor after moving a channel - Editor for "New Pr#" no longer opens when pressing non-numeric keys - Move up/down is now disabled when left list is not sorted by "New Pr#" 2013-06-22 - Showing separate DVB-C and DVB-T lists for LG TVs (LA series can have both lists while prior models only had one) - FIX: Lists for LG's LD,LE,LX,PK (except 950), PT, LW4500, LW5400 models are now physically reordered - Empty lists are no longer displayed 2013-05-29 - Added support for Samsung "CablePrime" channel lists - FIX: error when loading a Samsung files which only contains an AstraHDPlus channel list. - Channel name editor now limits the input to the maximum number of characters allowed by the file format (e.g. 5 chars for Samsung analog channel names) 2013-05-16 - FIX: on LG's LA and LN models the DVB-S symbol rate got corrupted - disabled editing of LG channel lists whith preset program numbers - last file is no longer loaded automatically when starting ChanSort 2013-05-11 - TV data files can be used as reference lists (without exporting .csv) - added "File / Export Excel list" function - added hotkeys to many menu items - added most recently used files to menu - added support to enable Hotel Mode for LH3000 and LN models - fixed: saved incorrect DVB-S transponder symbol rate for LG's LK950S, LV, LW and LN models - re-added "TV-Set / Clean channel data" function for LG TV's. 2013-05-07 - Added support for LG's LN-series - Fixed: Saving reordered list for LG xxLH3000. - Removed "Cleanup TV data file" function which bricked one LG TV. 2013-05-03 - Added Assistants for loading and saving files - Added support for LG's 2013 LA-series DVB-S channel lists. Due to a lack of test files containing analog or DVB-C/T channels, these lists are not supported yet. If you have a TLL file with such channels please send it to horst@beham.biz. - Added support for LG's LH3000 Model - Improved clean-up of LG channel lists. This should solve problems with program numbers changing randomly or inability to change them at all. - Fixed: Program number and channel name can be edited again by directly typing the number or name on the keyboard. - Fixed: Sorting and column layout is now preserved when switching lists - Fixed: Missing channels from a reference list appeared as valid channels in the UI after saving a TLL file. 2013-04-21 - Fix: Encryption flag for Samsung analog and DVB-C/T lists now shown correctly - Added "Remove channels" function to right list. E.g. you can use this to search and select encrypted channels in the right list and remove them (from the sorted list). - Text editor for channel number or name now only opens after holding the left mouse button down for at least 0.5sec. This prevents it from opening when you double-click a channel. - Added "Edit channel name" function to menus (due to the editor no longer opening automatically after a short click on the name) - Warnings and information about TV file content are no longer shown when opening the file. It can be viewed by using the "File / Show file information" menu item. - Added experimental loader for Panasonic TV files. Saving is not supported yet! 2013-04-11 - added support for Toshiba *.zip channel lists (containing chmgt.db list) - allow Pr #0 for analog channels - FIX: first channel list only got populated after switching between tabs 2013-04-08 - Added support for Samsung F-series. - Added online check for updated program version 2013-04-07 - FIX: saving a .TLL file after loading a reference list which contained channels that are no longer inside the .TLL caused an error during saving 2013-04-06 - FIX: When double-clicking a channel in the right list, which was already part of the sorted list, the wrong channel was selected in the left list. - new application icon which is licensed free-to-use 2013-04-05 - Redesigned user interface - Editing option to close or keep gaps when moving/deleting channels - Support for LG LMxxxT models, which export an invalid DVB-S data block - Opening a file automatically shows the first non-empty channel list - Reloading a TV-file will show the last opened list - FIX: Deleting rows caused incorrect selections in the left list. Successive deletes resulted in the loss of the first channel. - FIX: Duplicate Pr# was assigned to channels when they were added out of order 2013-04-04 - Deleting channels for Samsung TVs now stores the files correctly (no longer showing them all on Pr #0 on your TV) 2013-04-03 (major release) - complete re-write of the code for loading/saving TV-data files (SCM, TLL) and reference lists (CSV). - added support for LG's LX-models - channel names can now be edited for both LG and Samsung - menu item for (un-)setting favorite #5 for Samsung series E - Samsung channel lists are now loaded/saved correctly (program numbers, favorites, locking, frequencies, ...) - loading a reference list for a Samsung .SCM file which contains both air and cable channels or satellite and AstraHD+ channels caused the items to be mixed up and all shown in the first list (showing not-found channels in red) 2013-03-30 - FIX: bei nicht-LM Geräten wurden die DVB-S Programmnummern falsch ausgelesen - Hotelmodus/DTV-channel-update kann nun bei allen LG serien geändert werden 2013-03-29 - LG: Doppelt vorhandene Sender (die automatisch vom TV bei der Sendersuche mit Ländervoreinstellung angelegt werden) werden nun automatisch gelöscht. Diese führen am TV häufig dazu, dass Sender zufällig zwischen deren Programmplätzen hin- und herspringen. (Bug im TV, unabhängig von ChanSort) - LG: Sender können nun gelöscht werden ("Nicht explizit sortierte Sender: Löschen") - LG: Ändern von Sendernamen möglich (um bei DVB-C/T/S die Namen nicht wieder zu verlieren, muss Hotel-Mode=ein und DTV channel update="manual" sein) - LG: Für die LM-Serie kann nun innerhalb von ChanSort der Hotel-Modus bzw die Senderlisten-Aktualisierung ein-/ausgeschaltet werden. 2013-02-26 - Neuer Bearbeitungsmodus "Tauschen" eingebaut, mit dem beim Ändern der Programmnummer die beiden Sender ihre Nummer tauschen und alle anderen Nummern unverändert bleiben. - Beim Öffnen einer TV-Datei ohne zugehöriger Referenzliste werden nun automatisch alle Sender in die "Sortierte Liste" übernommen. - "Speichern unter" funktioniert nun auch mit Samsung's SCM Dateien - Wenn beim Speichern ein Fehler auftritt, wird nun auf mögliche Ursachen hingewiesen 2013-02-11 - Mehrfach vorhandene Sender werden nun getrennt angezeigt, wenn sie unterschiedlichen Programmnummern zugewiesen sind (z.B. DVB-T Empfang des gleichen Senders über verschiedene Sendeanlagen). - Beim Ändern der Programmnr auf eine bisher nicht verwendete Nummer werden die Programmnummern hinter der neuen Nummer nicht mehr erhöht. 2013-02-04 - Unterstützung für Samsung "AstraHDPlus" Senderliste hinzugefügt - Funktion zum Übernehmen der bestehenden Senderliste in die sortierte Liste 2013-01-22 - Fix: Import von .chl Referenzlisten, wenn der gleiche Sendername über mehrere Satelliten empfangen wird und dort dem gleichen TSID zugewiesen ist. 2013-01-16 - Import von .chl Referenzlisten von SamToolBox - Samsung Senderlisten zeigen nun "verschlüsselt"-Info an - FIX: Mehrfachauswahl in den Senderlisten (mit Strg/Shift + Maus/Cursortasten) - FIX: Warnung statt Absturz bei mehrfach vergebenen Transponder-IDs (.SCM Datei) 2013-01-15 - Samsung Serie E wird nun unterstützt - Favoritenliste der Samsung Serie D und E wird nun erkannt - Samsung Modellerkennung verbessert 2012-12-26 - Unterstützung für Samsung Fernseher hinzugefügt - Funktion zum Öffnen einer Referenzliste hinzugefügt - Funktion zum kompletten Löschen der Senderlisten für LG Fernseher - Diverse Bugfixes 2012-11-07 - Anzeige von DVB Netzwerk Name und Betreiber - Anzeige der DVB-S Transpondernummer - Fix: Direkte Eingabe der Prog# in rechter Liste, wenn sie vorher 0 war 2012-11-06 - Fix: Analoge Senderliste wurde nicht korrekt gespeichert - Fix: Hinzufügen von Sendern zu einer leeren Liste - Setzen von Favoriten möglich - Setzen von Sender sperren / überspringen / verstecken - Direkte Eingabe von neuer Programmnr in den Tabellen - Kontextmenü über rechte Maustaste 2012-11-05 - Fix: DVB-C/T Senderliste wurde nicht korrekt gespeichert - Fix: Favoriten in DVB-C/T werden nun korrekt angezeigt 2012-11-04 - Fix: Transpondernummer und Satelliteninfo wurde falsch ausgelesen - Mehrfach vorhandene Sender werden nun nicht mehr ausgefiltert 2012-11-01 - UI und internes Datenmodell komplett überarbeitet - Getrennte Listen für Analog, DVB-C/T, DVB-S in jeweils Radio/TV 2012-10-30 - Unterstützung für LG Serie CS, LD, LE, LH und PM hinzugefügt - Neue Serien können durch Anpassen einer .INI Datei hinzugefügt werden - Automatischer Test im Sourcecode, der alle bekannten TLLs lädt - Hilfe-Menü hinzugefügt 2012-10-29 - Plugin zum direkten Laden/Speichern von TLLs, ohne TLLsort.exe - Unterstützung für LG Serie LV und LW hinzugefügt - Sourcen veröffentlicht 2012-10-26 - Programm umbenannt von TLLsortGUI auf ChanSort - Übersetzt in Englisch und Österreichisch - Einstellungen werden beim Beenden/Speichern des Programms übernommen - Ausgewählten Zeilen in der sortierten Liste alphabetisch sortieren - Dateinamen für Speichern können geändert werden - Unterstützung für Plugin-DLLs für verschiedene TV-Modelle 2012-10-25 - Neu: Wenn eine Gruppenzeile (Sat, Analog, CableAndTerrestic) ausgewählt ist, werden alle darin enthaltene Sender eingefügt bzw. entfernt. - Bugfix: Eingabefelder für Einfügepositionen erlauben nun keine ungültigen (sprich zu hohe, nicht fortlaufende) Nummern mehr. 2012-10-24 (14:52 MESZ) - Bugfix: Fehler beim Einlesen der TLL-Datei, wenn der gleiche Sender (sprich Uid) mehrfach enthalten war. Kann vermutlich passieren, wenn ein Sendersuchlauf 2x durchgeführt wurde, ohne die alten Programme zu löschen. 2012-10-24 (#1) - erste Veröffentlichung
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