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********************************************************* ****** CAELINUX 2013 OFFICIAL RELEASE ********** ********************************************************* In the present folder, you will find the current beta version of CAELinux2013 image and an automated installation script called caelinux2013.iso: This is an ISO image of a bootable DVD (can also go on USB flash disks) based on Xubuntu 12.04 AMD64 with all latest updates and all CAELinux core packages installed: Salome-Meca 2013.1, Code-Aster 11.3 MPI, Calculix 2.5 Multithreaded, Elmer 6.2 MPI, Code-Saturne 3.0 MPI, OpenFOAM 2.1.1 with Engrid, HelyxOS and Discretizer front-ends and many many more. A key novelty of this new release is to provide a complete CAD-CAM solution with Freecad, PyCam (improved version 0.6), OpenSCAM as well as all tools needed to do 3D printing (OpenSCAD, Meshlab, Cura) and PCB design and milling (GEDA, Kicad, Pcb2Gcode, CadPy, DXF2GCode, Inkscape Gcodetools). This is considered as the final beta before release and to our knowledge all bugs have been fixed. Please report on forums or bugtracker at if you encounter a problem. This shell script transforms an existing Ubuntu 12.04 AMD64 (or any compatible derivative) into a full CAELinux 2013 installation. Be CAREFULL with this script as it has not been extensivelly tested and does not come with an UNDO function... However, its behaviour is simple to understand and so you might be able to fix issues manually. What this script does is fairly straightforward: 1) add CAELinux 2013 testing repository, 2) install 3rd party repositories (OpenFOAM, cae-team ppa, freecad ppa..) 3) run apt-get install with a LONG list of packages (about 6Gb download, 20Gb installed !!) Please note that by default, the script will also modify the theme of the login screen and change the look and feel for new users. This script can be edited to narrow the selection of packages or disable some options. Once again, this is intendend for testing purpose at the present stage (but it was used to generate the ISO image above). For additionnal info / feedback read on here:
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