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January 20, 2011 New Buglite Release - 2011.b New release with the following major improvements... 1) Included Linux/Unix file permission info in install guide. 2) Created permissions tool ./set-permissions.php to recursive set files. 3) Created Svn removal tool ./remove-svn.php to recursive del directories. 4) Enhanced help menu and admin screen security issues. 5) Added confirmation choice before DEMO or LIVE database initialization. 6) Added Save/archive the current database to admin menu. 7) Fixed returning to non existent record after live db init. 8) Implemented file uploads. 9) Merged demo-init and live-init into init-db.php. structure: a) Each archived db is saved in a date-time stamped subdirectory. b) Archives include new sub-directory "files" with uploaded files. c) Added "comment" field to "file" table.
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