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The database files provided here can be used in BiNA for the global data source. We provide two file formats, one for MySQL databases and one for the embedded Apache Derby database. If you are able to access an MySQL Server and are familiar with setting up a new database, this option is the best for you, because it is a bit faster than the Apache Derby version. == MySQL ============================================================ Follow these steps to get your data source working using the MySQL version. Be sure to have a MySQL server installed properly. 1. Download the latest database release named with ".mysql.sql.gz" and extract it. This will create an sql dump file (*.sql) of the database. 2. Connect with your database server and create a new database named "bnpp" (of course, you can choose any other name). mysql -p -u <username> \> CREATE DATABASE bnpp; 3. Import the downloaded dump to the new database. This may take some time. \> USE bnpp; \> SOURCE path\to\file.mysql.sql; 4. Start BiNA and select "Change Data Source..." from the File menu. Select "BN++ MySQL Data Source" and click "Next >". Enter the login information and database name for your MySQL database server. Click on "Verify connection", if the connection could be established the message "Everything looks fine." arises and you are able to close the dialog using the "Ok" button. == Apache Derby ===================================================== Follow these steps to get the latest data source working using the embedded Apache Derby version. For this, no further pre-installations are required. 1. Start BiNA and select "Change Data Source..." from the "File" menu. Select "BN++ Derby Data Source" and click "Next >". 1. Copy the link of the latest database release from the "current" directory shown on this webpage. The derby version ends with ".derby.xz" or "derby.gz" (different compression formats). 2. Start BiNA and select "Change Data Source..." from the "File" menu. Select "BN++ Derby Data Source" and click "Next >". Paste the link in the "Download from URL" text field. Click the "Download & Verify" button. If everything is fine, click "Finish". If an error occurs, try to download and extract the database file manually (on Windows you can use 7z for unpacking the "*.gz" format) and select the extracted file in the "Open..." button right to the "Local file or directory" text field.
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