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Installation ============= 1. Install the plug-in jars net.sf.basheclipse.core_1.0.2.v20110926.jar and net.sf.basheclipse.ui_1.0.2.v20110926.jar in the Eclipse 3.7 plug-in directory (i.e. eclipse/plugins). Delete old version. 2. Install ShellEd as described in this guide - http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/shelled/wiki/Documentation/InstallGuide 3. Bash version must be at least v3. The version of bash you are using needs to be compiled with the flag --enable-net-redirections. Configuration ============= 1) Create Shell Script Project File -> New -> Other -> Shell Script -> Shell Script Project Wizard. 2) Create a Bash script file File -> New -> File For this example, it will be "script.sh". Extension should be ".sh" and is a must. 3) Copy the file "_DEBUG.sh" to project folder. 4) Insert the following text to the top of the file "script.sh": . _DEBUG.sh 5) If the file is created in the Windows then sure to execute the File -> Convert Line Delimiters To -> Unix. 6) Set up a debug launch configuration Run -> Debug Configurations -> Bash script... There are 2 fields to set here a) "Bash script:" - Path in workspace of Eclipse to the Bash script to debug. e) "Debugger port:" 33333 7) Switch to The Debug perspective. Start the debugging session. Launch "script.sh" from bash shell.
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