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zshdb is debugger for zsh scripts. It started as a port of my bash debugger bashdb so the commands used in both are similar.

The command syntax generally follows that of the trepanning debuggers and, more generally, GNU debugger gdb.

To install from git:

git-clone git://github.com/rocky/zshdb.git
cd zshdb
./autogen.sh  # Add configure options. See ./configure --help

If you've got a suitable zsh installed, then

make && make test

To try on a real program such as perhaps /etc/zsh/zshrc:

./zshdb /etc/zsh/zshrc # substitute .../zshrc with your favorite zsh script

To modify source code to call the debugger inside the program:

source path-to-zshdb/zshdb/dbg-trace.sh
# work, work, work.

# start debugging here

Above, the directory path-to_zshdb should be replaced with the directory that dbg-trace.sh is located in. This can also be from the source code directory zshdb or from the directory dbg-trace.sh gets installed directory. The "source" command needs to be done only once somewhere in the code prior to using _Dbg_debugger.

If you are happy and make test above worked, install via:

sudo make install

and uninstall with:

sudo make uninstall # ;-)

See INSTALL for generic configure installation instructions.

See the wiki for more information.

Rocky Bernstein rocky@gnu.org

Source: README.md, updated 2015-02-09