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Readme file for b64.c b64 (Base64 Encode/Decode) Bob Trower 2001/08/03 (C) Copr Bob Trower 1986-2015 Version 0.94R Usage: b64 -option [-l<num>] [<FileIn> [<FileOut>]] Purpose: This program is a simple utility that implements Base64 Content-Transfer-Encoding (RFC1113). Options: -e encode to Base64 -h This help text. -d decode from Base64 -? This help text. -t Show test instructions. Under Windows the following command line will pipe the help text to run a test: b64 -t | cmd Note: -l use to change line size (from 72 characters) Returns: 0 = success. Non-zero is an error code. ErrCode: 1 = Bad Syntax, 2 = File Open, 3 = File I/O Example: b64 -e binfile b64file <- Encode to b64 b64 -d b64file binfile <- Decode from b64 b64 -e -l40 infile outfile <- Line Length of 40 Note: Will act as a filter, but this should only be used on text files due to translations made by operating systems. Source: Source code and latest releases can be found at: http://base64.sourceforge.net Release: 0.94.00, Thu Oct 29 01:36:00 2015, ANSI-SOURCE C This source code may be used as you wish, subject to the MIT license. See the LICENCE section in the code. Canonical source should be at: http://base64.sourceforge.net This little utility implements the Base64 Content-Transfer-Encoding standard described in RFC1113 (http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1113.html). This is the coding scheme used by MIME to allow binary data to be transferred by SMTP mail. More documentation is in the b64.c source file.
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