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Awesomium.CApi.NET- 2012-03-13 10.0 MB 22 weekly downloads Throw exception if WebCore.Initialize is called more than once Implemented: RenderBuffer.SaveToPng RenderBuffer.SaveToJpeg RenderBuffer.GetAlphaAtPoint RenderBuffer.FlushAlpha WebView.SetUrlFilteringMode WebView.AddUrlFilter WebView.ClearAllUrlFilters WebView.SetHeaderDefinition WebView.AddHeaderRewriteRule WebView.RemoveHeaderRewriteRule WebView.RemoveHeaderRewriteRulesByDefinitionName More sample code Added linker option CLRSUPPORTLASTERROR:NO to reduce managed/unmanaged transition overhead Implemented: WebCore.SetCustomResponsePage WebView.TranslatePage WebView.InjectKeyboardEvent Sample code for InjectKeyboardEvent Note: As of version, the download packages are binary-only packages. The source code is in the trunk. Fixed bug in timer Properties for JsObject and JsArray Some more sample code Fixed arrow key bug Fixed bug in ResourceResponse.h Implemented HistoryQueryResult and HistoryEntry Initial commit
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