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argparse4j 0.2.0 ================ Release Note ------------ This release adds the ability to read additional arguments from file and the ability to add sub-command under sub-command. The feature to print candidates for unrecognized flags/commands was also added. BaseArgumentParser interface was removed and the interface methods in it were moved to ArgumentParser interface. All methods took BaseArgumentParser now take ArgumentParser instead. Changes ------- * If Subparsers.addParser() without prefixChars are called, subparser inherits prefixChars from main parser. * Added feature to read additional arguments from file. The set of characters to prefix file path is set in ArgumentParsers factory method. * The constructors of ArgumentParserException now take ArgumentParser object as a parameter. * Subparser interface now has addSubparsers() method. It means we can add arbitrary number of sub-commands hierarchy. * Removed BaseArgumentParser. All interfaces are moved to ArgumentParser. * Added Subparsers.metavar(). By default, text to represent sub-commands are concatenation of all sub-commands. This method can override this default behavior and sets arbitrary string to use. This is useful if there are many sub-commands and you don't want to show them all. * Use metavar if it is specified by user even if choice is specified. In the previous implementation, choice's textualFormat() is used over strings set by metavar(). Now strings set by metavar() has precedence over choice. * Added feature to print candidates for unrecognized flags/commands. * Namespace: Added shortcut methods for byte, short, float and boolean.
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