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The application is the rewrite of the "sister" application arduinophp (http://sourceforge.net/projects/arduinophp/) with Perl for Linux OS. I'm at work for the full implementation of the web version, meanwhile I have developed a small "console" application that allows control of the pins and monitor their values​​, analog or digital or both. (no watchdog and home automation and few other options) For the final and "console" version you will need mod Device :: SerialPort; for the "console" versiion it is also required mod Term :: ReadKey. The "console" release isn't the goal; before use it modify port and port settings matching in config.pl. You also need the arduino sketch (ide 023). The project's homepage will be on: ITALIAN : http://leoser.altervista.org/arduino_controllo_perl.php ENGLISH : http://leoser.altervista.org/arduino_controllo_perl_en.php(sorry for the mistakes!). Consider that the two application (arduinophp & arduinoperl) do the same things, so you can take a look at the documentation pages of arduinophp: ITALIAN : http://leoser.altervista.org/arduino_controllo_php.php ENGLISH : http://leoser.altervista.org/arduino_controllo_php_en.php(sorry for the mistakes!). The application is in PRE-ALPHA and in strong development, so stay tuned. IN CASE OF TROUBLE WITH TTY SETTINGS : The file my_port_settings.txt shows my /dev/ttyARDUINOUSBPORT port settings: the most important settings are raw, -icanon, cread, clocal; in the web you can find more informations about tty settings with Arduino.
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