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APNG Assembler 2.0 by Max Stepin maxst@users.sourceforge.net --------------------------- Creates APNG animation from PNG image sequence. Usage: apngasm.exe output.png frame001.png [1] [10] [/f] 1/10 sec is the default delay. Use /f to skip the first frame. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Example 1: Let's say you have following frame sequence: frame01.png frame02.png frame03.png And you want to have 3/4 seconds delay between frames. The correct command will be apngasm output.png frame01.png 3 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Example 2: The same as above, but you added "invisible" frame00.png : frame00.png - invisible frame01.png frame02.png frame03.png The correct command will be apngasm output.png frame00.png 3 4 /f That way APNG supported browsers and image viewers will show frame01-frame02-frame03 animation, while IE and Chrome will display static frame00.png image. Some people like to put "your browser sucks" message in that frame00.png but keep in mind that you will see that message in thumbnails when you are browsing image folders, or using google image search. So be careful. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Example 3: apngasm output.png frame01.png That way you'll get 1/10 sec delay. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Linux binaries compiled under Puppy, like that: gcc -O2 -o apngasm apngasm.c -lz -lpng
Source: readme.txt, updated 2010-01-27