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### README for antlr-mode.el: Antlr-Mode for Emacs The Emacs package ANTLR-Mode provides: syntax highlighting for ANTLR grammar files, automatic indentation, menus containing rule/token definitions and supported options and various other things like running ANTLR from within Emacs. See the web package for details. From Version 3.0 on, this package only works with Emacs-24.3 or higher. A (older) version of this package is already included in Emacs. Please check previous versions (in folder "antlr-mode") if you want to use it with XEmacs (20.4 or higher) or Emacs (20.3 or higher). Changes 3.0.7 vs 3.0.6: * Experimental support for indentation cycling of Python actions, requires a patched python.el found on this download site. * Less intrusive default font-lock face settings. Changes 3.0.6 vs 3.0.5: * Emacs-24.3 or higher is required for Python. * Indentation for non-cc-based languages: JavaScript, Delphi, Ruby - Python actions are left as they are. * Minor bug fixes, see the ChangeLog file. Changes 3.0.5 vs 3.0.4: * Support more action languages: Java, Cpp as before; C, ObjC; Delphi, JavaScript, Python and Ruby - syntax highlighting: full support - indentation: grammar lines, action lines currently only for Java, Cpp, C and ObjC * Bug fixes: mainly concerning indentation. Changes 3.0.4 vs 3.0.3: * More flexible indentation and tool invocation. * Bug fix: Parentheses inside comments could bring Emacs out of sync, resulting in strange indentation and syntax highlighting. * Bug fix: Correctly recognize v2 grammars without header{...}. Changes 3.0.3 vs 3.0.2: * ANTLR v3 and v4 adaptations: single quote literals, ... * Fix for bug with v2 grammars, introduced in 3.0.2. Changes 3.0.2 vs 3.0.1: * ANTLR v3 and v4 support for syntax highlighting, index menus (for rules), and fast navigation. * Adopt to changes in cc-mode syntax highlighting. Changes 3.0.1 vs 3.0: * Checked ANTLR up to latest v2, add options accordingly. Changes 3.0 vs 2.3a: * FROM THIS VERSION ON, THIS PACKAGE DOES NOT WORK WITH XEMACS (and older Emacsen) ANYMORE. * Incorporate changes from the Emacs-24.4 repository. Changes 2.3a vs 2.3: * Minor change. Changes 2.3: * Electric characters (one of ":;|&(){}") work with Emacs. Changes 2.2c: * Required for users of a new cc-mode version. 2.2c vs 2.2b: * Make major mode work with cc-mode-5.30 or higher. Changes 2.2b: * Required for users of a new cc-mode test version. 2.2b vs 2.2a: * Make major mode work with cc-mode-5.29 or higher. * Minor bug fix. Miscellaneous. Changes 2.2a: * Strongly recommended for Emacs users. 2.2a vs 2.2: * Make context parsing faster on Emacs, for faster syntax highlighting, indentation and imenu support. * More sophisticated indentation, i.e., use the indentation engine of cc-mode for most actions. Changes 2.2: * Previous home page was: http://www.fmi.uni-passau.de/~wedler/antlr-mode/ Changes 2.2 vs 2.1: * Moved to SourceForge.net. More details on web page. * Minor bug fixes. Miscellaneous.
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