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Annoying Pomodoro Annoying Pomodoro is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. By Ravi Suri rsuri17@yahoo.com This is a pomodoro timer. It has a bunch of options, including: - Keeps beeping when timer runs out to annoy you into taking a break/starting to work again. - Ticking noise - Automatically keeps track of pomodoros completed in records.ini in installation directory - Customize length of breaks and work sessions - Can be compacted by pressing +/- button. - Mute button - Various other options I made this entirely in Perl (originally it was for myself only) and use a few CPAN modules. This means the executable is rather large and it has a fairly long loading time for such a small program. But once it is started it runs efficiently. Config.ini contains all settings. If you do not have the downloaded version, you will need to set everything in the options screen. Files: Both the 32-bit and 64 bit versions include the sound files, the source annoying32.pl(32)/annoying.wpl(64) file, the config.ini and records.ini files, and a readme. Due to different packaging methods, the 32 bit version is unpacked with folders for all of its library files, while the 64 bit version is a single, self-contained executable. UPDATES: Version 1.1: *Super-compact mode added *Bug with checkbox options fixed. Version 1.1.1: *Added blank records.ini file. Left this out earlier because this feature is not fully implemented yet - but apparently leaving this out makes it completely stop working.
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