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AMT 0.1 2012-01-17 11 weekly downloads
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amtoolbox-0.9.6.zip 2014-06-25 6.3 MB 3232 weekly downloads
The "amtoolbox-x.x.x.zip" file contains Matlab/Octave scripts and source codes (C++, C, Fortran) of the models. In order to run most of the experiments, additional data are required. Most of the AMT functions will point you to the place where to download their required data. Here, we also provide all the required data as separate ZIP files, denoted by "requireddata". The procedure is: downloaded the file of interest and unzip in the root AMT directory. Some of the AMT functions require a large processing time. Depending on the machine and the model, it might take even days. Thus, some AMT functions provide caching of calculated results. Here, we provide the cached data as a separate ZIP file, denoted by "cacheddata". If you don't want to wait and just take a look at the results: download the file, unzip in the root AMT directory, run the particular AMT function. Have much fun! (This is a readme-file for Sourceforge)
Source: README-for-SF.txt, updated 2014-06-25