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In order to install Aleph-w you need the following libraries: gettext, m4, xutils-dev, libx11-dev, nana, libgsl0-dev, libgmp-dev and libmpfr-dev. Normally these libaries are available from the package manager of your system (apt-get, portage, etc). Once installed the base libraries, untar the aleph-w tar file. By default, untar will create a directory named aleph and will put the files into it. You can rename the aleph directory or move the files toward another directory of your preference. cd to aleph directory and run xmkmf This command (available from x11 library) will create and Makefile. Then run make depend NEVER EDIT THE MAKEFILE. If you want to modify your configuration, by example, trying to compile the lib with gcc or icc, then EDIT the Imakefile and rerun "xmkmf" then "make depend". Run make libAleph.a If you want the fastest option, then you can run make OPTIONS="-Ofast -D_REENTRANT -DWITHOUT_NANA" In order to build the tests, run make and run them one by one.
Source: readme, updated 2013-11-02