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Updates 2015-03-24 1919 weekly downloads
V2.2.0 2014-11-06 5252 weekly downloads
V2.1.9 2014-10-08 11 weekly downloads
V2.1.8 2014-09-30 33 weekly downloads
V2.1.7 2014-07-08 11 weekly downloads
V2.1.6 2014-06-23 33 weekly downloads
V2.1.5 2014-06-12 33 weekly downloads
V2.1.4 2014-06-05 11 weekly downloads
V2.1.3 2014-05-02 11 weekly downloads
V2.1.2 2014-05-01 11 weekly downloads
README 2015-02-08 957 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
For complete packages suitable for your platform, see the Vn.n.n directories. - Windows users: unzip the zip file and move the directory where you like and execute admin4.exe - Mac users: mount the dmg and move the app where you like. It might be necessary to right click Admin4 and select "Open" when starting it the first time, dependent on your security settings. If you continue to have problems starting Admin4, please report it here: https://github.com/andreas-p/admin4/issues/2 - other systems: no packages available yet, use the source and install required python runtime and modules. Installation instructions and further documentation can be found at http://www.admin4.org/docs The Updates directory contains minor releases with bug fixes and additions based on major Vn.n.n files. It's recommended to use the online update feature which will automatically do the right thing, but you also can download a file and install it manually.
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