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This is a port of a subset of Lapack-3.4.1 to Ada2012. The code is written in the form of a generic package and covers the Lapack routines for - Matrix determinant and inverse on general matrices, - Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of general, real and hermitian symmetric matrices, - Solutions of systems of equations for general, real and hermitian symmetric coefficient matrices, - Singular value decomposition for general matrices Also included is a set of functions (and two procedures) that provide a more familiar Ada style interface to the Lapack routines. This package requires an Ada compiler that supports Ada2012. Note that this package provides native support for Lapack in Ada. It is not a binding to the Fortran library. The vast bulk of this package was made using Oliver Kellogg's Fortran to Ada script, f2a.pl, which can be found at http://www.okellogg.de/x.html Leo Brewin School of Mathematical Sciences Monash University
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