#33 Be able to have callbacks associated with nodes and edges

Abhi Jain

It would be very useful to be able to attach callbacks, or to even to just get notification about nodes/edges clicked on, to interact with displayed graph. These could be used to open up additional detail panels, or to use the display as a frontend to interact with a background process. Is there any of doing this?


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    It would be possible to implement a callback mechanism that triggers callback methods whenever a shape or arc gets selected by a mouse click. The problem is that through the standard/SVG pipeline, ZGRViewer does not know anything about the graph structure. So the callbacks could just tell you that an ellipse, or a polygon, or a curve was clicked, but it would not be able to tell you that it is an edge or node that has a given ID or label.

    This issue would be solved by using the augmented DOT pipeline ; unfortunately this pipeline is not fully working (several DOT instructions do not work and there are issues with fonts) and nobody is working on it for now.



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