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yPlot-1.1.0 released!

yPlot is riding on the shoulders of PLplot as it grinds relentlessly toward
world domination....;-)

What: yPlot 1.1.0 release (as a tarball and RedHat 6.2 rpm's).
Where: http://sourceforge.net/projects/yplot (click on file releases).
When: Now
Why: Many bugs fixed and many new features
Who: Alan and Conrad

yPlot is a Yorick front-end to PLplot that combines the best features of
both. You have all the power and ease-of-use of Yorick at your finger-tips
combined with the rich scientific plotting API of PLplot. This yPlot
release includes a tutorial and large number of illustrative examples that
should get you plotting sophisticated publication-quality scientific plots
in short order.

This version of yPlot is based on PLplot-5.0.4 (see
http://sourceforge.net/projects/plplot\), which is a huge step up in terms of
documentation, bug fixes, and features from the PLplot-4.99 snapshot that
yPlot was based on before. In addition, yPlot-1.1.0 significantly extends
the yPlot API to include virtually all the common PLplot API. For example,
the new release includes new yPlot example scripts that can be used to mimic
the results of virtually all the PLplot x??c examples including shade plots
and 3D shaded-surface plots.

Please see the CHANGES file for a summary of all the bug-fixing, API
changes, documentation improvements, and API extensions that have gone into
this release.

Good Plotting!

Posted by Alan W. Irwin 2001-06-20