Version 8.38 Release Notes

Detailed Release Notes

Bugs Fixed:
- Fixed Bug (Reported on mailing list) - Custom classes not accessable if NPC classes not selected.
- Fixed Bug (Reported on mailing list) - Skinwalker Ability scores are all reset to basic skinwalker modifiers
- Fixed Bug #1351 - Corrected Silken ceremonial armor Max Dex Modifier
- Fixed Bug #1350 - Added "White Hair" as a natural weaon for White-haired Witches
- Fixed Bug #1349a - Eidolon Feat dropdowns greyed out if not applicable.
- Fixed Bug #1354 - Fixed Feat Spelling error
- Fixed Bug (Reported on mailing list) - Samurai level calculations off on some Challenege powers.
- Fixed Bug #1353 - Spelling error on Half-orc racial trait (Forest Walker)

Content Added:
- Added remaining content from Kobolds of Golarion. This completes Kobolds of Golarion.

Posted by Mike 2013-12-29