XTF 1.8-beta: EAD and more

XTF 1.8-beta is now available, and we need your feedback
on it.

In addition to minor bug fixes and features, this release contains
two major new features for the XTF community, and thus we need
outside testing before calling this a final release.

1. New stylesheets that support not only TEI, but now EAD, PDF,
HTML, and Text files. Meta-data indexing is enhanced and simplified
to look for a *.dc file, and if not found, to look inside EAD
and TEI files.

2. XTF's old non-standard whitespace stripping is now disabled
by default. Things should operate much more like command-line
Saxon now.

Your feedback is important to this release. Try dropping your
data in and see what happens!


Posted by mhaye 2006-08-05