XPontus XML Editor 1.0.0-beta1

XPontus is a free java based XML editor designed towards text editing. This is the first beta release of XPontus XML Editor.

Main Features are :
* Syntax highlighting for xml related files,java,c++,perl,properties files
* Use templates to create XML files(User defined templates TO BE ADDED)
* Multiple XSLT processors
* Open files from remote locations(http,ftp)
* XML Validation and batch validation
* XSLT transformations with user defined scenarios(batch Transformations TO BE ADDED)
* Schema validation with relax-ng or trex
* Most text editing functions(open,save,print,find,etc.)
* XML code formatting and indentation
* DTD validator/Parser - WORK IN PROGRESS
* HTML tidy(Conformance to XHTML Transitionnal)
* DTD generation from XML documents
* Theme support and user preferences support
* Multilingal interface(english and french for now) - french translation TO BE COMPLETED
* Platform interoperability as the software is written in java

Tag completion is planned for the first stable release.

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2005-11-21