#70 pointer disappears in GIMP

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When using a drawing tool in the GIMP, the pointer
diappears when in the drawing window.


  • Yannick B
    Yannick B

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    I installed the jpeg libraries that you can find at

    It seems to have fixed my problem.

    The only thing though is that I have to play with the
    Command+Option+a shortkey. When I am in “Aqua mode” it
    seems like my mouse pointer would still disappear as I get
    over my application window but when I am in “Xdarwin mode”,
    my mouse is there (my pointer never changes (for the hand
    or the text cursor) though) and at least I can see it. It
    is not fully convenient yet, but at least it is much better.

    Thanks guys, keep up building this good knowledge base.

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    Same thing happens with me. Has the code the code been fixed
    yet to prevent this? Thanks

  • Yannick B
    Yannick B

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    I tried installing the new jpeg libraries mentioned. They
    didn't seem to make any difference. I can "drag" a pointer
    from my OSX desktop into GIMP to see it but when I click into
    the X window the cursor vanishes. This only happens with
    SOME windows in GIMP (unfortunately the image window is one}.
    This is a really bad bug since it makes it practically
    impossible to edit pictures in GIMP.

  • Yannick B
    Yannick B

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    I noticed it when I reinstalled that it didn't fix the
    problem. I am investigation on what I did to get rid of the
    problem. I am also working 100% on that since I NEED this
    bug to be fixed. I will let you know as soon as I find

    Give me a couple more days... ;-)

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    Two things:

    1. This can happen in all GTK apps, notably Freeciv.

    2. There is a workaround in GIMP. Quoting John
    McNamara from the Help forum:


    I've found a work-around. Edit your gimprc file (in the
    .gimp.1-2 directory) by adding this line:

    (cursor-updating false)

    Now I always get a standard arrow cursor which is not
    ideal, but at least it's visible! If anyone else finds a
    better solution please post it.


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    This is "fixed" in the top of the tree by having XDarwin automatically use the Mac OS X arrow cursor whenever the X11 cursor would have been invisible. This is not ideal, but is probably the best we can do without more documentation from Apple and a substantial rewrite of the Quartz hardware cursor support. Neither of these things are going to happen before XFree86 4.2 is released.

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    The interim fix of using the Aqua arrow cursor is in XDarwin 1.0.4.