XMLUnit for Java 1.1 Beta 2 Released

XMLUnit for Java is a library that supports testing of generated XML content.
It supports comparison of XML snippets, DTD and Schema validation, XPath
queries and programmatic tests. XMLUnit offers strong integration with
JUnit but can be used stand-alone or with other test frameworks as well.

Today the second beta of XMLUnit for Java 1.1 has been released; download it from

This second beta changes the way the schemaLocation and noNamespaceSchemaLocation
attributes of the XMLSchema-Instance namespace are handled. Documents that only
differ in these attributes are now considered similar.

Compared with XMLUnit 1.0 the 1.1 version expands support for XML Schema
in validation and comparisions and vastly improves XPath tests (namespaces
and JAXP 1.3's XPath engine are now supported).

In addition several minor but still useful enhancements have been
made, a full list can be found at

The release is available as a binary or a source zip archive. Both
archives contain the new User's Guide in PDF and HTML format. Please
use the OpenPGP signatures found in
http://xmlunit.sourceforge.net/checksums/ to verify the integrity of
the released files.

Posted by Stefan Bodewig 2007-05-25