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#141 auto-save

Mark Whitis

Autosave is the most important feature in an editor.

- Must default to enabled
- Should be configurable: on/off, file prefix ('#'), file suffix ('#'), where
files are stored (default same directory as file).
- Must not save files in /tmp which is erased when rebooting
- Must at least notify the user the next time file is edited if autosave is
newer, whether or not it does automatic recovery (after asking user).
- Must autosave automatically without user input. Not only is asking
obtrusive, it results in failure to save file if user walks away.
- Must not overwrite original file.

Emacs gets this right. Authors of GUI editors seem to have misguided
priorities and implement all kinds of less important stuff while skipping this
absolutely essential feature. Boggles the mind. No autosave = rejection.
Period. Doesn't matter what else your program can do.

I multitask extensively and can have many editor sessions open simultaneously
on many files. Many files stay open for days or weeks. The system
administration log typically stays open for the lifetime of the computer. It
is unreasonable to expect the user to keep track of which files have been saved
when or what files were open when a crash occurred or to manually save files
which requires opening all the windows and all the tabs (or tediously choosing
save all in all the different windows).


  • gnschmidt

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  • gnschmidt

    Thanks Mark. Great suggestion. Hoping to get round to it before too long.