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#63 X11 hangs when trying to unpack passworded rar


Whenever I try to unpack a password protected rar file, X freezes. This happens directly after I double click the file, not after entering a wrong password as I read here somewhere. The silhouette of the xarchiver-GUI pops up but the full app is not even rendered anymore. Only way to get out is kill and restart X.

I'm not sure what information would be helpful to you. I'm using it as a standalone app, not in conjunction with XFCE. On Gentoo Linux. The xarchiver version I am using is 0.5.2-r3, but I got the same behavior with earlier versions.

I am a little lost here, there is no helpful output. If you give me some hints how to debug this thing, I'd be glad to provide some more useful info.


  • The bug is related to the function xa_treeview_row_activated in src/window.c.

    This function is responsible for displaying selected files within the
    treeview which have been double-clicked by the user. Unfortunately there
    is no safe handling of password protected / encrypted files.

    For more information and a patch see