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#29 WSMO Navigator changes not reflected in WSML file (v.0.3.2)

Alex Simov

When deleting concepts in WSMO Navigator view then it
doesn't appear in the WSDL file.

If I try to modify a concept (or instance) in the
concept (instance) editor it doesn't reflect on the
WSDL file either (although I click on the option "save
changes"). When I close the instance editors an error
screen pops up.

The adding attributes to a concept in the concept
editor doesn't work for me either. I add the attribute
but this doesn't appear anywhere afterwards (nor in
the WSDL file, nor in the attributes window in the
concept editor.


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    Submitted by Leticia Gutierrez (WP9 DIP)

  • Alex Simov
    Alex Simov

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    For the first problem we need some extra information: what
    kind of error is reported? errors in the log file? Anything
    helping us to reproduce the situation?

    The second problem included here is fixed in release 0.3.4

  • Alex Simov
    Alex Simov

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