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Revision 5

There is now a working AI player for 301 games. Choose play a solo game from the file menu and in the dialog put your name and a skill level for the computer. Try a few different levels to see what works. I think the skill level needs tweaking but I need to test it more to get a more realistic idea of where it's at now. You might want to start around 70 if you are actually going to play a real game against it. You can throw in some fake scores for yourself to test out the app. You must press accept score after you click the board with your dart locations then press accept score again for the computer before entering your next round.

Keep in mind that this is not a computer dart game. In order to play against the computer you still need to throw your darts at a real board and then click where your darts landed.

The AI in it's current state will always throw at double 20 to get on then throw at triple 20 until it gets within 170 points at which time it will consult an out chart to decide which number to throw at. The skill level affects how close the dart lands to the center of the area it is throwing at. A random direction of 1 - 360 degrees is chosen and the dart is plotted based on the direction.

After a little bit of testing and fixing I will make a new release (hopefullly including working cricket AI.)

I am still looking for anyone that would like to collaborate on this project and for feedback on the app. I see there have been quite a few downloads and would love to hear from anyone about their experience with installation, the looks of the UI at whatever resolution you might be using. I have seen a problem myself with running the app without installing the tall paul font and would like more feedback about this too.

Thanks for trying.

Posted by Mike M 2010-06-21