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Big User Documentation and Technical Design Update

Whonix's User Documentation had a big update:

Quoted from page
"Whonix in default settings provides more security than Tor alone. Anonymity is a complex problem and there is no easy solution to a complex problems. The more you know, the safer and the more anonymous you can be. Whonix provides loads of documentation of the interested people."

Earlier there was only a small user oriented Readme and a big Security page mixing up security advice for end users with technical discussion. This has now been improved. Feedback welcome.

There are loads of new and updated articles. Too many. A changelog wouldn't make sense. I plan on writing blog posts for newly created articles and substantial improvements to existing articles.

Whonix User Documentation will be further improved. The goal is to write a full guide to anonymity. Help is welcome.

The Technical Design has also been expanded and overworked:

Posted by adrelanos 2012-12-26