XML Work & Input Needed

This week saw lots of work on the XML media implementation. The entire storage system, which is normally the host file system, has been abstracted so that the XML document tree can alternately be stored in memory. This makes unit testing of the XML media very easy: Just mount it on memory storage instead of file storage and then do string compares to make sure it is writing correctly.

The XML writer is coming along. It currently can write a Wheat object as a single XML document. Next is supporting objects that persist as collections of XML documents (needed for persisting large object trees). I expect to complete this by the end of this week. When done, Wheat will be persisting all its data.

I need some input on two design decisions. Both conundrems can be found on the Wiki:

XML Media Document Options -

Project Terminology -

Please look them over and add your comments and opinions to the Wiki.

Have a good Thanksgiving...

- Mark

Posted by Mark Lentczner 2003-11-24