#53 Report original exception for session unpickle error

WebKit (45)
Oleg Noga

The purpose of this patch is to provide the original
session unpickle exception instead of KeyError
Since we have no corrupted sessions on the disk, the
Session KeyError is still appears.
KeyError appears if SessionFileStore can't unpickle
session while loading it from disk.
Session can't be unpickled only if it has objects, with
have buggy implemented unpickling feature.
Developer, who works under webkit, would like to fix
unpickling for his session.
So, match better for developer to see the original
exception instead of KeyError.
This patch was made on Webware0.8b1.


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    Check out the revised Application2.diff I am uploading.

    This places the catch of the KeyError in
    isSessionIdProblematic() which is called specifically to see
    if a session ID is valid when processing dispatchRequest().
    If it fails (typically because the sesion has expired) it
    marks the session as expired so the servlet can check and
    handle the situation.

    It has the advantage of cleaning up _SID_ cookies and fields
    on the request and going through handleInvalidSession which
    honors the setting 'IgnoreInvalidSession'

    Please advise if this solves your problem. Note it should
    be used in addition to the SessionFileStore.diff patch which
    raises the KeyError.

  • Oleg Noga
    Oleg Noga

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    Aplication2.diff in couple with SessionFileStore.diff seems
    works fine.
    Request reports like session expired if session had unpickle
    problems. And we haveoriginal traceback in console.

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    Committed fix to CVS.

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