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webon / News: Recent posts

irforum English version is on the way.

Hey dudes, playing with scripts?
As all have been waiting so long, I will release English version maybe next month.
And, I say, English version will be the only one from there.
Wait for a while, and don't piss.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-07-27

irforum-3.11 released !

Fixed PasswordController.php to validate config through Forum.php.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-07-27

irforum-3.10_jp released !

Minor changes in PasswordController, which enables Password.php to validate it's form.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-07-26

irforum-3.09 released !

As some of you have noticed, new version of irforum is available.
Bug free and useful.
Check it out!

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-07-18

irforum-3.09 is on the road

Hi, dudes.
I've found a small bug in latest version.
It's in the searching user's name and related to session.
I will fix it one of these nights.
Please be patient, I'm a little bit busy.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-07-16

irforum-3.08 released!

Hey, dumb heads,
having fun with your toys?
Here's your new toy
and it tastes good, I promise.
Fixed Password Controller
to pass validators to Model.
Keep fixin' and
will be back soon.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-07-13

irforum-3.07 is now on progression.

Hi, folks.

I'm working on a new version again.
I will fix PasswordController a little bit.
Wait until it's done.
I will not wait you long.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-07-12

irforum-3.06 released !!!

Hey, dudes.
I've fixed a bug of priorer version.
Understand what I did?
If you've noticed better way, let me know, moron.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-07-11

irforum-3.06 will be released in near future.

Well, I found small bug in present version.
Listing forum id's user will expand when you click page guide.
I will fix this problem in this month I hope and I will inform you when I'm done.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-07-10

irforum-3.05 released !

Deleted update action from Iruser Controller.
Fixed config/module.config.php.
Re-incorporated .htaccess in /public.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-07-09

irforum-3.04 released !

Added validator to Iruser registration and update function.
Now you are safe on user registration even if javascrift is off or any remote attack.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-07-08

irforum-3.04 will be released soon!

Hi, I'm working on new version of irforum.
inputFilter has a bug now, but I'm fixing it and you'll see complete inputFilter of ZF2 in short period of time.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-07-07

irforum-3.03 released!

Fixed Model/Iruser.php and Controller/IruserController.php on inputFilter matter.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-07-06

irforum-3.02 will be released soon!

I found small bug on admin-logout function.
I will fix this and may rewrite Model and Controller.
Please wait for a while until the job is done.
And I will make an English version after I finished Japanese version.
Enjoy with irforum!

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-07-02

irforum-3.01 released!

Hey, I found a way to make user register to different forum.
Read read me and study what I had invented.

You make your iruser table as I say.
primary key(email,forum_id) and it will solve the problem.
Drop constraint unique on email and just set 2 primay keys and it will be all-right.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-06-30

irforum-3.0 released !

This is the irforum's last release.

You can check users in every forum.


Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-06-27

irforum-2.991 released!

Forum id is now relates to iruser.
You edit forum and only one active forum will be registered by user.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-06-24

irforum-2.990 released!

Fixed Password Controller.
Added paginator to config forum.
Added function assures only one active forum is available.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-06-23

irforum will be completed in version 3.00

Thank you very much downloading irforum.

It (Japanese version) will be completed in near future.

After finishing Japanese version, it may be a good option to update English version as well.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-06-22

irforum-2.98_jp will be released soon!

It will be released in 12 hours.
Fixed Password Controller.
Fixed bug on updating user.
Added jQuery code for forum table adding and updating.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-06-22

irforum-2.97_jp released!

Fixed Password Controller.
Added function to delete or update forum table.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-06-21

irforum-2.96_jp released!

Fixed Password Controller.
Added title column to forum table.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-06-17

irforum-2.95_jp released!

Fixed Password Controller.
Echoes Login User(administrator).

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-06-11

irforum-2.94_jp released!

Added forum table.
Added config function which can set forum date.
Fixed paginator showing present page.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-06-08

webonblog-0.10 released

Database discription is written.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-06-07