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WebLab again improved!

Still alpha, but stable as a full release! Check out:


In the backend some security features are still missing, but an end is in sight! Stay tuned for the beta phase....

Posted by Wolfgang Scherr 2002-10-09

WebLab Update!

WebLab frontend code includes now stand alone usage (allowing generation of preload-circuit files for the web) and a demo mode (as it is now presented on the weblab homepage).
The backend code has now at least a minimum usability, still a lot of security stuff is missing (but it will come :-))) !

Posted by Wolfgang Scherr 2002-09-26

Finished WabLab transfer to SourceForge!

Mid of September - all neccessary code for the WebLab project and some basic docs are moved to SourceForge, CVS and other things work nicely now.

Now everyone may participate in development: by trying it and sending some feedback, suggestions or by contributing code.

Next thing is a cleanup of the code before adding new features and improving the CGI stuff....

Posted by Wolfgang Scherr 2002-09-15