#2299 Dovecot module not installed

Jamie Cameron
Kai Schätzl

Hi Jamie, the new dovecot module didn't get installed
with 1.240. There was no problem to add it from the
standard modules collection. Happened on all machines
so far.
I don't see an option to disallow installing completely
new modules, so it must have definitely been left out
from the install.
Ah, I left the "don't reinstall deleted modules"
unchecked with another machine, et voila, I got the
Dovecot module. It seems, this option doesn't install
*any* module that is not already present. But it
shouldn't do this for completely new modules.


  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

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    Hi Kai,
    The dovecot module is definately part of the 1.240
    distribution ..
    However, you are correct that it will not be installed if
    you select the 'dont install deleted modules option'.
    Unfortunately, there is no way to tell the difference
    between deleted and totally new modules..
    The main aim of that option is to prevent the installation
    of new modules at upgrade time that the admin may not want
    to automagically appear..

  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

    • status: open --> closed
  • Kai Schätzl
    Kai Schätzl

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    Jamie, the problem is that "deleted modules" definitely
    means "deleted modules" for any unsuspecting poor soul.
    You should change the wording so that it better reflects what
    it does. Apart from this I think it should be quite easy to
    distinguish between deleted and new modules. You just need
    to mark the module somehow as "new" when its included in
    webmin the first time.

  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

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    I will actually change the wording in the next release,
    rather than the functionality :-) The idea behind that
    feature is to prevent any extra modules from being installed
    when upgrading, which is useful on systems that are have
    very little disk space or want only limited functionality..