#1985 Quotas problem

Jamie Cameron

I found this in a maling list, i have exactly the same
problem ! It look like a bug but i am not sure

> Can anyone offer some insight on the following problem:
> - /etc/fstab configured correctly.
> - Command-line quota programs work fine.
> - Default quotas established
> But: Disk Quota module says that quotas are inactive
and selecting "enable" has no effect.

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    I have tryed all command in Module config -> Configurable
    options for Disk Quotas -> System configuration and they do
    what they have to do !

    • milestone: --> 1.180
  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

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    Try re-booting .. sometimes that is needed to enable quotas.

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    Quotas are enabled and work correctly. The problem come from
    the webmin interface that never update....

    If i manualy disable quotas and after go in webmin quota
    page, first time i click on "enable quotas" webmin activate
    quotas but dosent show that the quotas are working into the
    webmin page.

    [root@srv2 ~]# repquota -agv
    *** Report for group quotas on device /dev/hda2
    .... quota info ......

    After when i click on "enable quotas" again webmin show
    this error
    "Failed to turn on quotas : quotaon: using
    /home/aquota.group on /dev/hda2 [/home]: Device or resource
    busy" This error happend because webmin try to turn on
    quotas when they are working !
    The same error happend if i run command
    [root@srv2 ~]# quotaon -g /home
    quotaon: using /home/aquota.group on /dev/hda2 [/home]:
    Device or resource busy

    It realy looks like a bug in webmin.

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    Ohhh ..... In Edit mount page when i select User and group
    quota everything work ! but not when i use Group only mode

    Same think happend on two differents partition
    User only work
    User and group work
    Group dosent work !

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    Note : /testpart -> /dev/hda6

    [root@srv2 ~]# quota -v -u test1
    Disk quotas for user test1 (uid 501):
    Filesystem blocks quota limit grace files
    quota limit grace
    /dev/hda2 212 15000 16000 30
    0 0
    /dev/hda6 16 100 150 2
    0 0

    Webmin page say : All User Quotas on /testpart
    Disk space (1969 MB total / 1834 MB free / 0 bytes granted)

    I have a fresh new Fedora core 3 installation with lastest
    webmin stable version (1.180)

    If you want to contact me via email : sam {} guidewebmaster
    {} com

  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

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    This is a known bug that happens if group quotas are active
    but user are not. It will be fixed in the next release ..

  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

    • status: open --> closed