#190 form-editting useless for long fields

Jamie Cameron
Jaldhar H. Vyas

Hi Jamie,

The following bug was reported to the Debian Bug
Tracking system. I thought I had sent it to you
earlier for comment but just in case I didn't, I'm
resending it from SourceForge.

the postgresql module for webmin is not usable when
dealing with long text
the data can only be edited with the potgresql-console,
when trying to edit
data from webmin, the content (text) of the fields get
cropped and are
therefore rendered unusuable.
i think the problem is due to the form-input-boxes,
that might have a
character restriction.

in some cases, the complete html tables get corrupted
when trying to display
data of tables, where a large ammount of data is stored
in a single field.

maybe this forms-bug is also important for the
webmin-mysql package, i haven't tried it yet

Please respond to: jaldhar@debian.org