Call to translators: VMPK 0.3.3

  • Hi, friends!

    I'm preparing a new release of VMPK. The strings are frozen now, so you can pick your language files  and translate the changes. I also want to inform you about the new features:

    * Tools menu, with keyboard shortcuts for most toolbar actions
    * Shortcuts editor dialog (borrowed from Qtractor)
    * Option to represent MIDI velocity values as key pressed color tint
    * Languages menu, allowing to change the language on the fly
    * New dialog: About translation, giving your deserved credit for your work

    As you can see, some of the features are very interesting not only for users, but also for translators. There is also this new "Translations" forum. I would like to know your opinions; I hope these changes will encourage other translators to join the team.

    I expect to release VMPK-0.3.3 next Sunday, October 3. Please tell me if you need more time. Meanwhile, I'm going to test and fix some rough edges. You can help testing if you want. Get the current SVN sources either downloading the tarball  or using a Subversion client.