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Visix graphics support library / News: Recent posts

Visix 2.0.0 in beta stage!

The new release made the move from C to C++, using template magic to support any possible RGB-based pixel format. You now can define your own pixel formats with just a few lines of code and let the compiler generate optimized alpha-blending and pixel format conversion code for you.

Other enhancements include better line clipping, which now takes into account which fraction of a slice left the clipping area to avoid jumpiness on fixed lines scrolling out of the screen. A cleverly optimized polygon drawing function also makes its first appearance with this release.... read more

Posted by Markus Ewald 2004-09-21

Visix 0.1.3 now available

Version 0.1.3 of Visix is now available. It offers greatly improved color format conversion quality. Antialiased lines are still candidates for overdrawing clipping boundaries, I hope to fix this soon.

There are plans to switch to HRESULT returns in favor of the current schema which either returns NULL (for allocation procedures) or silently failes (drawing methods).

Posted by Markus Ewald 2002-10-17