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  • VectPDF

    VectPDf Version 3.2 - 27th August 2012

    (c) Copyright 2012 Paul Venour
    email: VectPDF@hotmail.com

    VectPDF is a FREE Autolisp / Visual Lisp front-end to PSTOEDIT for AutoCAD
    to vectorized and insert a PDF into an open drawing without leaving AutoCAD.
    Works on AutoCad for Windows (32 bit and 64 bit versions).

    Please note:
    This only works with a vector PDF file. IE.) doesn't work for PDF files that
    contain Raster Images. It currently is for use with single page PDF files.

    Load a Selected PDF file with PSTOEDIT, convert to single-line DXF,
    Pick Point To Insert into Drawing. DXF files can be quite large, so
    the program deletes the DXF after insertion to save hard drive space.
    This was originally a work around to enable seamless insertion of
    vector type PDF into AutoCAD for myself, but it's nice to share!

    VectPDF may be freely copied, distributed or modified under the terms
    of the GNU Public License (GPL).This software is provided AS-IS with
    no warranty, either express or implied.

    To use for the first time, load the file C:\Program Files\VectPDF\VectPDF.vlx
    You can do this my typing APPLOAD at the AutoCad command prompt or
    'Load Application' in the menu. Then type VectPDF at the command prompt to run.
    The Program will run through a setup routine to make sure you have all the
    right things. It will prompt you if you need to install pstoedit or
    GPL Ghostscript (included in the EXE file). To manually install these,
    just go to the folder C:\Program Files\VectPDF\ and run the installer EXE's

    Install pstoedit 3.50 & GPL Ghostscript 9.04 into the default file locations
    or VectPDF will fail to work.
    Also, the GPL Ghostscript 9.04 EXE installer (32bit or 64 bit) are not
    digitally signed, therfore AutoCad is unable to run the EXE from within the
    editor and will need to be manually installed on a 64 bit operating system.

    REQUIREMENTS (included):-

    PSTOEDIT 3.50 - http://www.pstoedit.net/pstoedit/

    GPL GHOSTSCRIPT 9.04 - http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/

    Last edit: VectPDF 2012-08-27