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Alpha Version 0.0.1a Released

VB zWeb Version 0.0.1a (alpha) was released today, February 27th, 2011, at 3:25 AM. The features of this alpha release are:

* - Full screen web browsing.
* - A quickly accessible close button.
* - Ability to hide/show the browser controls, and status bar, effectively maximizing screen real estate as much as is possible.
* - Know when the connection is secured. Address bar turns green and a label saying "SSL Secured" appears.
* - Address bar automatically updates when navigating to a different URL.
* - Clock in the status bar, so you still know what time it is when using the browser.
* - Browser is 10% transparent, so you can still see what other programs are doing when using the browser.... read more

Posted by Jason Chappell 2011-02-27