#253 Problem with Opening Similar Games

Adam Green
Mac OS X (9)

Upon beating Pokemon Leaf Green, I decided to give Pokemon Fire Red a shot. Unfortunately, when opening Fire Red, there is already a saved game... my saved game from Pokemon Leaf Green. It has all the same data (achievements like 8 badges, league champion, same pokemon) as my Pokemon Leaf Green file. I'm not sure if it's the same file that's being opened within each ROM (I'm not quite 100% sure how this works...) but upon running into wild grass, I determined I WAS playing Fire Red because I was able to find the version exclusive pokemon in it, (oddish) though the version exclusive pokemon from leaf green were still in my PC. I don't want to start a new game in Fire Red for fear it might erase all the data in my Leaf Green file as well.... Is there anyway to troubleshoot this so I can start a new, separate game in Fire Red without losing the data in my Leaf Green game as well?

Thanks so much,


  • get a pc.