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Version 36 released

  • Changes in '36', 21-Nov-2009:
  • BZip2 method added for decompression
  • Added Zip.Traverse_verbose
  • Added an UnZip.Extract to extract all files, using a Zip_Info variable

  • Changes in '35', 2-Nov-2009:

  • major performance improvement:
    decompression 10x faster, compression 3x faster (figures for GNAT),
    thanks to a workaround for slow 'Read, 'Write attributes
    in GNAT & ObjectAda
  • ReZip: HTML display improved

  • Changes in '34', 12-Oct-2009:

  • ReZip: added '-defl' option for having a recompressed archive only
    with Deflate or Store methods (most compatible)
  • ReZip: added '-comp' option for comparing output against input
  • ReZip: added '-touch' and '-lower' options
Posted by Gautier de Montmollin 2009-11-21