#276 Ability to configure filesystem ID


it would be useful to be able to configure the filesystem ID, because at this moment there is a scenario of deployment (presented below), where particular jobs may fail.

Scenario: two different sites (SITE1 and SITE2) where UNICORE/X is working together with TSI on the same machine. Both TSIs are configured to
listen on localhost, so in both cases I there is property 'CLASSICTSI.machine' in xnjs_legacy.xml set to 'localhost'.

Now, user prepare a single job where he defines an import of a file from global storage at SITE1. Additionally, he choses a SITE2 to run a job. After, submitting, the job will fail because of problems during stage-in.

This is because in method transferFile(...) of class de.fzj.unicore.uas.xnjs.U6FileImportBase value of variables remoteFSID and localFSID are the same ("PERL TSI at localhost:4433"), so during stage-in UNICORE/X is trying to invoke CP command. Ability of setting this ID by administrator would solve the problem.

Kind regards,
Rafal Kluszczynski


  • Bernd Schuller
    Bernd Schuller

    implemented in trunk and the branch for the upcoming 6.5.1 release. A property named "CLASSICTSI.FSID" can be defined in xnjs_legacy.xml.xml or the IDB to set the filesystem ID.

  • Bernd Schuller
    Bernd Schuller

    • status: open --> closed